Healthy Direction
Melissa McDonald, MH, CNC, CHS, CNHP
Wellness Coach and Master Herbalist

Changing your Direction - How I can help...

When people think of 'getting healthy', they usually think of improving their diet and maybe adding in some exercise.  While that is a great start, there are so many other factors not considered.  For instance, how 'healthy' is the cereal you ate or the deodorant you applied?  What about the emf’s from your laptop or the chemicals the exterminator sprayed? While we cannot get away from all the toxins that surround us, we can learn better ways of dealing with and avoiding a fair number of them and consuming a diet that is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for us.

As a wellness coach, my goal is to teach you how to be proactive with your health rather than reactive when issues arise.  Not only can you learn to avoid so many toxins but there are so many things you can do naturally to improve your health.   I consider myself a wellness coach but have earned my degree in Naturopathy and am a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Health Specialist, Certified Nutritional Counselor, Master Herbalist and a BANT (Building Antibodies Neutralizing Toxins) practitioner.  I do not diagnose or treat disease, rather I help you identify weaknesses and educate you on herbs, foods, essential oils and homeopathies that when taken, may provide the body with the nutritional support it needs to repair and rebuild.

Group Setting: In a small group (either a group you have or a class I offer), we can discuss nutrition, grocery shopping, budget ideas, weight-loss plans, natural cleaning recipes, herbs, home remedies for common ailments or anything else that comes to mind.  

Classes: Currently, I have classes on Food: making food much more digestible and much less inflammatory, Sourdough, Cultured Foods, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Natural Approach to Preventing and Addressing Colds and Flu, Herbal Medicine, Natural First Aid and other more customized classes. You can find a current list at our farm website, Whispering Elm Farm.
Individual Session: I do schedule appointments for individualized discussions.  These consultations are by phone and there are only a few available each month.  Again, I do not diagnose or treat disease but rather educate you on natural herbs and such available that may support your health goals.

For questions, pricing or to set an appointment 
contact me at or 913.221.7299

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