Healthy Direction
Melissa McDonald, Naturopathic Practitioner,
Master herbalist, BANT Practitioner

Changing your Direction - How I can help...

When people think of 'getting healthy', they usually think of improving their diet and maybe adding in some exercise.  While that is a great start, there are so many other factors not considered.  For instance, how 'healthy' is that cereal you just ate for breakfast, the lotion you put on this morning, not to mention the soap and shampoo you used in the shower?  What about the laptop you are using right now?  And the chemicals the exterminator sprayed in your house recently?  While we cannot get away from all the toxins that surround us, we can learn better ways of dealing with and avoiding a fair number of them and consuming a diet that is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for us.
My approach is to use simple, natural (and organic as much as possible) foods that God has provided us to nourish our bodies- in other words, only foods (and ingredients) that existed more than 100 years ago.  I believe eating meat (organic, grass fed and/or animals allowed to eat their natural diet) is important to our health.  I also recognize the need to eat more raw as well as cultured foods that provide necessary nutrients and enzymes.  While lowering sugar content of our diet may not sound enticing, it should be a very high priority as we work to acquire a healthier body.  As a busy mom, I have figured out lots of shortcuts and ways of doing things to avoid buying processed food at the store and maximize the nutrition I serve my family. 

I also shun harmful chemicals in favor of natural ingredients to clean my home.  We, as a culture, have come to depend on large corporations to provide us with cleaning products when making your own can be so easy, just as effective and won't be detrimental to your health.  The same goes for skin product and toiletries as your body absorbs around 70% of what you put on it.

As a natural health consultant, my goal is to teach you how to be proactive with your health rather than reactive when issues arise.  Not only can you learn to avoid so many toxins but there are so many things you can do naturally to improve your health.   I have earned my Doctorate in Naturopathy as well as becoming a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Health Specialist, Certified Nutritional Counselor, Master Herbalist and a BANT (Building Antibodies Neutralizing Toxins) practitioner and would welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge with you.  I do not diagnose or treat disease, rather I help you identify weak organs and educate you on herbs, foods, essential oils and homeopathies that when taken, would provide the body with the nutritional support it needs to repair and rebuild.

Group Setting: In a small group (either a group you have or a class I offer), we can discuss nutrition, grocery shopping, budget ideas, weight-loss plans, natural cleaning recipes, herbs, home remedies for common ailments or anything else that comes to mind.  I also meet individuals or small groups at a grocery store to provide buying tips and money-saving ideas.  I love food so I also do cooking classes that maximize nutrition and flavor.  

Classes: Currently, I am putting together classes on food in general, cultured foods, flower essences, alternatives to chemicals in your home and on your skin, homeopathy and a general support group.  Let me know if you are interested!
Individual Session: Meeting one-on-one allows us to talk about specific issues or concerns and help you approach your health in a more holistic manner using herbs and/or homeopathies, essential oils and flower essences.  We can also cover material that is presented in group sessions.  Some people find it best come with their spouse so they can both get on the same page.  I am available for 'in-person' as well as telephone consultations.

For questions, pricing or to set an appointment 
contact me at or 913.221.7299

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